Number Vol. IX, No. 26
Title Croatian Journal of Philosophy
Language English
Year published 2009-2
ISSN 1333-1108 (Print)
1847-6139 (Online)
Format Croatian journal of philosophy (Online)
Croat. j. philos. (Online)
Price 40,00 eur (pb, pdf)
Pages 109
# Description

STEWART SHAPIRO: Life on the Ship of Neurath: Mathematics in the Philosophy of Mathematics | THOMAS A.C. REYDON: Do the Life Sciences Need Natural Kinds? | ROBIN BROWN: On Difficulties Facing the Formulation of the Doctrine of Supervenience | MAJA MALEC: Essentialism Contextualized
JANEZ BREGANT: Physicalism, or Something Near Enough: Good Enough to Be a Global Theory? | RUDI KOTNIK: Teaching the Elements of Philosophical Thinking

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