Author Ćiril Čoh
Title The Face of the Circle Revealed
Language Croatian
Year published 2004.
Format PDF
Price 1€=7,5345 kn
147,00 kn (s PDVom)
 19,51 €
Pages 198
# Description

The Face of the Circle Revealed demonstrates its readers that the circle is not only a geometric shape and that the circumference is not only a rotation of a point on the radius distance. The circle has its face, and the circumference is a life-giving movement that puts itself in motion. Plato recognizes it in the soul of the cosmos and every living being. To reveal the face of the circle means to recognize in it opposed moments which belong to each other and to follow them in their interrelation. Furthermore, it means to see how these moment confront with external and internal obstacles, how they actualize the fullness of their interrelation, but also its and their own destruction. That is to say, the circumference as a life-giving movement of these opposed moments which belong to each other can be directed at the establishment of their unity, but it can also be reversed in a manner that each moment turns one against another, bringing themselves and the whole they belong to, to blindness and death. The understanding of this subtle and complex movement which is exposed in the main part of the book is made easier by the second part in which this movement is demonstrated through fine art media. In this part the face of the circle is being revealed through the interpretations of Dürer’s engraving Melencolia I, Magritte’s painting Condicio humana II and Escher’s lithograph Print Gallery.

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