Author Igor Primorac (ed.)
Title Contemporary Philosophy of Sexuality
Language Croatian
Translation Snježana Prijić Samaržija & Marija Pavlin 2003. 38.
Year published 2003. 38.
ISBN 953-6463-20-2
Price 1€=7,5345 kn
199,50 kn (s PDVom)
 26,48 €
# Description

This book is an anthology of essays in contemporary philosophy of human sexuality. Western thought offers four comprehensive conceptions of sex and sexuality. Sex is understood as ordained to procreation, as bound up with a particular type of personal love, as a language of the body, or as a source of a certain type of pleasure. These conceptions of sex and the related topic of sexual perversion are explored in the essays comprising the first part of the book. The second part contains essays on selected issues in sexual ethics such as adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, rape, incest etc.

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