Author Jelena Guga
Title Digitalno Ja: kako smo postali binarni
Language Croatian
Translation srpski
Year published 2016.
Format 204 x 204 mm
Price 13,40 €
Pages 270
# Description

The ubiquitous use of digital technologies has enabled vast possibilities such as instant access to information, presence on any part of the planet, multiplication and transformation of identity, as well as re-articulation and reconstruction of embodiment. Science fiction film and literature, new media art practices, scientific research, and cyber theories often deal with the idea of leaving the body behind and uploading the immortal mind into digital databases where we can be whatever and whoever we want. Compared to modern technology, biological body is often considered obsolete and, as such, it is not “equipped” keep up with the exponential technological development. It is not surprising then that many studies, either scientific or popular, disregard the problem of corporeality and focus more on the issues of identity, consciousness, and disembodiment in digital worlds. Therefore, this book presents the works that focus on the issues of embodiment in the context of new media and their impact on social reality. The starting premise of the discussions is that without a physical body, there is neither virtual nor real. The book points to the importance of the physical body in biotechnological interfaces and the ways the role and functions of the body transform in virtual environments and affect our perceptions and understanding of human ontology.

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