Number Vol. V, No. 14
Title Croatian Journal of Philosophy
Language English
Year published 2005-2
ISSN 1333-1108 (Print)
1847-6139 (Online)
Format Croatian journal of philosophy (Online)
Croat. j. philos. (Online)
Price 40,00 eur (pb, pdf)
Pages 206
# Description

SAMIR OKASHA: Bayesianism and the Traditional Problem of Induction | RONALD DE SOUSA: Biological Individuality | MAX KISTLER: Is Functional Reduction Logical Reduction? | MICHEL GHINS: Putnam and the God’s Eye Point of View | ROBERT G. HUDSON: Searching for WIMPs | OSVALDO PESSOA JR.: Causal Models in the History of Science | J. J. MACINTOSH: Boyle and Locke on Observation, Testimony, Demonstration and Experience | NENAD MIŠČEVIĆ: Empirical Concepts and A Priori Truth | BJÖRN ERIKSSON: Understanding Narrative Explanation: An Eclectic Approach | DAVID DAVIES: Atran’s Unnatural Kinds
TEA LOGAR: Moral Obligations and Practical Identities

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