Author Igor Primorac
Title Ethics at Work: Essays in Applied Ethics
Language Croatian
Translation 60.
Year published 2006. 60.
ISBN 953-6463-80-6
Format 135x204 mm, 193 pp., pb
Price 1 €=7,53450 kn
126,00 kn (s PDVom)
  16,72 €
# Description

Although applied ethics came to be recognized as a philosophical discipline in its own right in the 1970s, Croatian philosophers have not shown much interest in its problems. The present book is the first substantial contribution to applied ethics by a Croatian philosopher and in the Croatian language. The essays comprising Part One address some moral questions posed by political violence, war, and terrorism. Those making up Part Two investigate the moral pros and cons of patriotism as a stance different from, albeit related to, that of nationalism. Part Three consists of essays on some topical questions in sexual ethics, such as sexual perversion, prostitution, and the discrimination of homosexuals.

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